About The Magnatray

No More Spilled Food or drink


Dine anywhere without spilling your food or drink. With the Magnatray magnetic food tray you can have the freedom to eat in front of the TV, in bed, outdoors, or anywhere you choose! A great product for preventing  kids from spilling their food, and drink!

Great For Outdoor Cookouts


Impress your guest with the coolest food tray ever! They can even enjoy a glass of wine with no worries of tipping the glass over! The glass and plate magnetically stick to the tray and won't fall off even while moving about. You can even use your existing dinnerware with the Magnatray.

Three Strong Magnets


Three strong rare earth magnets embedded into the tray hold your plate, glass, and TV remote, or cell phone in place, even on edge, or upside down! To release your drink glass, or cup from the tray simply tip it forward for a smooth release.