The World's Coolest Food Tray

No More Spilled Food or Drink!


  • The Magnatray is a magnetic TV food tray, but it's not your run of the mill food tray.  It eliminates a hot plate of food on your lap & allows you to eat a meal anywhere you choose without worrying about spilling your food or drink.  Hidden magnets hold your plate, glass, TV remote, or cell phone to the tray.
  • It’s great for eating in front of your TV, in bed, outdoors at a cookout, or camping. It can be shared by two people sitting on a couch sharing a glass of wine, cheese, and a fruit tray, or drinks and snack in front of the TV watching the game.
  •  In today’s fast pace world, it’s the perfect companion when you want to eat a meal or snack away from your kitchen table, and not have to worry about spilling food and drink on your clothes or furniture!
  • You can even attach your TV remote or cell phone to it so that they will always be at your finger tips.
  • You will never drop your fork on the ground again because it is magnetically attracted back to the center of your plate as soon as you set it down.

Great For Kids and Outdoors!


  • The Magnatray is great for everyone from kids to seniors, and can be used just about anywhere.
  • It is available with several options. One option you can simply get the Magnatray base tray and 4 self adhesive plastic-coated metal magnetizing peel and stick discs that can be instantly attached to any existing, plate, glass, or drink cup that you currently have in your kitchen cabinet. 
  • Other options can be used for gift ideas that feature novelty wine glasses, and unique designer snack  plates.    
  • An additional option is to order additional peel & stick magnetizing discs to add to as many existing drink and dinnerware items that you may have that you want to attach to the tray.

Three Strong Magnets!


  • The Magnatray has 3 strong rare earth magnets that hold your plate, drink glass or cup, fork, and TV remote, or cell phone in place even on edge! The Magnatray is made of food grade hardwood bamboo. It has 3 embedded magnets and comes with four peel and stick self adhesive plastic-coated metal  discs that can instantly transform any plate, glass, or cup into a container that magnetically sticks to the Magnatray base tray to hold your food and drink in place to prevent spillage.
  • Once you use the Magnatray you will never go back to a hot food plate on you lap, and drink setting on the edge of your chair or couch waiting to be spilled. As soon as you try it you will quickly become addicted to it!
  • With the Magnatray you can eat your meals anywhere, and not have to worry about spilled food or drink.

How it works

Food at Your finger Tips


  • Everyone inspires to be a couch potato sometime. It's those times when you just want to eat your dinner in front of the TV.
  •  Inevitably disaster will strike when you spill your drink onto the couch, or your plate slides off your lap onto the floor to provide Daisy the dog with a nice gourmet meal. You're thinking, there just has to be a better way to eat dinner in front of your TV. Now there is with the Magnatray magnetic personal food tray.

Easy Peel and Stick Metal Disc


  • The power of magnets is fascinating, and you will find the Magnatray to be a fascinating experence, kids just love it! 
  • The 4 peel & stick self adhesive plastic-coated metal disc that you get with the Magnatray base can attach in seconds, to any plate, wine glass, or drink cup that you currently own. 
  • Once the disc are attached to your plate, and glass they will magnetically stick to the tray and stay in place until you want to remove them. 
  • Your fork magnetically attracts back to the center of your plate when not in use.

Tip Glass Forward to Release


  • The Magnatray magnetically holds your food plate and drink glass inplace on the tray allowing you to easily carry them to your seat where you can enjoy your meal and even a glass of wine without worrying about spilling them.
  • To release your glass to take a drink, simply tip it forward and it releases from the magnet. When finished just place your glass back onto the magnet to securely hold it to the tray until your next drink.
  • Eating a meal away from your  kitchen table has never been so easy.

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